Create the Yoga Career of Your Dreams with Boost Your Yoga Business.

Learn How to Make $80k per Year Teaching Only 10 Corporate Yoga Classes per Week!


Boost Your Yoga Business is an online course designed for yoga teachers that are ready to take their yoga career to the next level. The Win More Corporate Clients System™ is a practical and easy to implement step-by-step formula for making more money as a yoga teacher. Learn how to create your own high-paying sustainable yoga jobs without the overhead cost of starting up a yoga studio.


This Corporate Yoga & Business Course is Right for You if…

…You are passionate about teaching yoga and want to support yourself as a full-time teacher

Yoga Mindset…You are looking for higher-paying yoga teaching jobs

…You are ready to make MORE money by teaching LESS!

…You want more security and stability in your income and schedule

…You want to start a profitable yoga business with little overhead expense

…You are ready to get paid what you are worth!


Boost Your Yoga Business will teach you all of the elements for creating a sustainable yoga business. Learn how to break into the lucrative Corporate Wellness market by introducing yoga to busy professionals that desperately need it. You will learn valuable business and sales skills that will give you the confidence to play a bigger game in your career while sharing your special gifts in a meaningful way. You will feel inspired and supported throughout this entire process to create a business that aligned with your values and personal mission.


When You Sign up for This Online Program, You Will Get:
  • An 11-Module Video Course That Allows You to Start Anytime and Go at Your Own Pace
  • 18 Inspiring Video Lessons for Starting a Successful Yoga Business – See Topics & Descriptions in the Drop-down Box Below
  • A Private Facebook Forum With Other Yoga Instructors Around the World Where You Can Ask Questions and Share Insights and Ideas for Growing Your Business
  • Full Email Support From Nicole to Ask Any Additional Questions You Have
  • Supporting Materials Including Worksheets, Client Profiles, Business Plans, Income Calculators, Email Templates, Calling Scripts, Meeting Questions, Sample Proposal Outlines, Sales Pitch Templates, Elevator Speech Templates, Social Media Planners, Marketing Tips and Strategies
  • Valuable and Transferable Business and Sales Skills to Use Throughout Your Life
  • Lifetime Access to All Course Materials


Click on Each Topic Below to Discover What You’ll Learn in This Program:
Module 1 - Starting up a Business

• How to Start a Business
• Choosing a Business Name
• Creating a Business Entity
• Creating a Logo & Business Cards
• Desiging a Brochure
• Creating a Website
• Setting up a Business Bank Account
• Accounting Made Simple
• Liability Insurance
• Documents Needed to Get Started



Module 2 - Creating a Business Plan & Setting Goals

• Envisioning Your Ideal Lifestyle
• Designing Your Optimal Schedule & Commute
• Income Calculator
• Setting Financial Goals
• Creating a Pricing Structure that Provides Positive Cash Flow
• How to Invoice Your Clients Only 4 Times Per Year
• Creating Your Unique Yoga Brand
• Creating a Business Plan
• Sticking to Targets

Module 3 - Defining Your Unique Message & Offering

• Defining Your Unique Selling Points
• Getting Clear on WHY Companies Should Hire YOU
• Creating Powerful Statements to Use on Your Website and in Your Marketing Materials
• Determining What Makes Your Offering Unique and Different
• Defining the Value That You Will Provide Your Clients

Module 4 - Connecting With Your Ideal Clients

• Who Your Ideal Clients Are
• Who the Real Decision Makers Are
• What Size Companies to Talk to
• Who the Easiest Companies are For You to Get Into
• What Strategic Areas to Look in
• How to Search for the Perfect Clients
• Secret Ninja Stuff
• Where to Find the Direct Email Addresses and Phone Numbers of the Decision Makers

Module 5 - Creating an Email Campaign

• What do the Decision Makers Want to Hear?
• Utilizing Your Unique Selling Points
• Speaking Their Lingo
• Creating an Irresistible Offer
• What are the Goals of the Email
• Winning Email Strategy
• Email Templates to Use – EXACTLY What to Write!
• Follow up Email Templates to Use
• Email Tips

Module 6 - Communication Strategy

• Calling Strategy for Scheduling Face to Face Meetings
• How to Get Over the Fear of Rejection
• Tips & Tricks to Make Calling Fun
• How to Get Past the Gatekeeper
• Winning Voicemail Strategy
• The Most Ideal Times to Reach People
• Calling Scripts – EXACTLY What to Say
• How to Keep Track of Your Calls & Appointments

Module 7 - Presenting Your Services & Closing the Deal

• Understanding Corporate Expectations
• My 9-Step Successful Sales Process
• How to Break the Ice
• Setting a Successful Agenda
• What Questions to Ask
• Sharing Your Story
• Presenting Your Solution
• Overcoming Objections
• How to Close the Deal
• Follow up Steps
• Successful Implementation Process

Module 8 - Networking Like a Rockstar to Get Referrals

• How to Succeed at Networking
• Becoming a Connector
• How to Choose the Right Events
• Determining your Ideal Clients
• Finding your Ideal Referral Sources
• How to Get Noticed
• Creating Your Own Networking Group
• Finding Powerful Channel Partners
• The Do’s and Don’ts of Networking
• Building Your Confidence
• How to Approach People & What to Say
• Creating a Kick-ass Elevator Speech
• How to Become Memorable
• Sharing Success Stories
• Following up to Build Strong Relationships
• Creating a Great Reputation
• How to Get an Abundance of Referrals!
• How to Make Referrals for Others
• Warm Letter Campaign
• How to Leverage LinkedIn for Networking

Module 9 - Social Media Strategy

• Building Your Brand
• Using Video, Photo and Text
• Creating a Content Strategy
• The Power of Blogging
• Creating a Newsletter
• Platform for Keeping Track of Your Contacts & Sending Newsletters
• Scheduling Strategy

Module 10 - Teaching Yoga in the Corporate World

• Expectations for Teaching Yoga in a Corporate Environment
• Ideal Times for Scheduling Classes
• Corporate Yoga Attire
• Spirituality
• Teaching in Conference Rooms
• Registration & Attendance
• Liability Waivers
• How to Handle Injuries While Being HIPAA Compliant
• Hands on Adjustments
• Stress Reduction Theme
• How to Structure a Corporate Class
• Chair Yoga

Module 11 - Mindset Strategies for Success

• Understanding the 2 Types of Mindsets
• Strategies for Immediately Shifting Your Mindset from Negative to Positive
• Vision Exercises
• Harnessing the Law of Attraction
• The Power of Gratitude
• The 3 Questions that Will Change Your Life
• Manifesting Your Desires
• Powerful Daily Gratitude Practices
• How to Receive Divine Guidance
• How to Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs
• How to Banish Fear from Your Life
• Creating Positive Affirmations
• Rewriting Your Internal Story
• Mindset Tips


Imagine a New Life for Yourself…

Imagine that you have taken the Boost Your Yoga Business training and applied what you learned from the Win More Corporate Clients System™ to create the yoga career of your dreams…

You are now making $80,000+ teaching only 10 classes per week! You are running your own successful business, setting your own schedule and only working Monday-Friday. Your weekends are free! You don’t worry about paying bills and you have plenty of money for vacations and yoga retreats. Your clients love you and go out of their way to refer more business to you. Your students constantly tell you that you are changing their lives by teaching them how to find the balance they desperately needed. You are making a difference and are surrounded with abundance. You have succeeded in supporting yourself financially doing what you love, and you feel totally fulfilled.



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Online Program

Registration is currently closed for this program. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements and updated program coming soon!


Coaching Program

If you are interested in working with Nicole for private coaching to build your business, she is currently offering a special deal. For a limited-time, you can sign up for 60-min business strategy sessions for only $199 each! No long-term programs or commitments. You decide how many sessions you need based on what you are trying to achieve.

No matter what type of yoga business you are interested in growing, Nicole has the business, sales and marketing expertise to guide you in the right direction. She has helped teachers start up successful donation-based yoga studios, thriving private yoga practices, innovative yoga therapy programs, mobile yoga studios and corporate wellness companies.

We’ll take a deep dive into your specific business, identifying your ideal niche, resolving areas where you feel stuck, and having Nicole brainstorm countless ideas for you to make more money FAST. If you need a serious dose of inspiration, clarity and a detailed road map for achieving greatness, look no further.




Our Mission

We are transforming the lives of yoga instructors around the world by showing them how to create successful yoga businesses to support themselves financially doing what they love. We are facilitating a corporate yoga revolution, where teachers are bringing these beautiful practices into work places to promote cultures of health and improve the quality of life of busy professionals.


About Nicole

NicoleNicole Mixdorf is the Founder of Boost Your Yoga Business and the creator of the Win More Corporate Clients System™. She is an entrepreneur and yogini who has spent her career as a Corporate Sales Executive, winning over $50 million of business and training Award-Winning National Sales teams. After leaving the stressful corporate world, she got certified as a Corporate Wellness Specialist and launched a successful corporate yoga and wellness business called Yoga by Nature, which operates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Sacramento, Seattle, New York City, Albany and Washington DC. She is now sharing all of her expertise in business development and corporate sales training with yoga instructors to further her personal mission of inspiring people to be the very best that they can be.


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