5 Ways to Impress Your Prospects


Building a successful business starts and ends with wowing your customers. It’s about sharing your gifts with the world in a bigger way and making a difference in the lives of your perfect clients. But before you start celebrating and making real money, you have to learn how to convert your prospects into paying customers. So how do you impress the pants off your prospects so that they WANT to work with you? It all starts with building a relationship and establishing trust.


People want to know you before they make the commitment to work with you. They need to feel confident that you are the perfect person to guide them towards achieving a specific result that will help them move forward. Because at the end of the day, that’s what your business is about… providing solutions to problems that your audience is having. If they FEEL that you have all the answers AND they like you, winning them over to become happy paying clients will be easy. Below are 5 ways to impress your prospects.

Attract clients

  1. Make it about THEM, not about YOU

Whenever you are trying to win a new client, you need to remember that people only care about WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? All of your marketing materials, website content and resources should be written with the needs of your prospects in mind. It’s not about all the knowledge you have. What are the problems that they are having? How can you solve those problems? If you do a good job of painting a picture about their issues, your prospects will relate to your materials. You want them to feel like you understand them. If they feel understood, they are much more likely to buy from you.


  1. Share valuable free content

The #1 way of establishing trust with a prospect is to share some valuable free content with them. What information do you have that will be useful for this person? It should be based on the problems and issues that they are having. Use your unique knowledge to create a free pdf, checklist, article, video, blog, etc. that your prospects will benefit from. In fact, create a few different free items that you can give away. If your prospects like what you give away for free, they can imagine how fantastic the services they will get are for a fee.


  1. Follow up enough to be remembered, but not too much to be a stalker

Following up is key to winning over your prospects. In order to build a relationship, you must stay front of mind. This means that you should be reaching out to your prospects regularly and consistently, but always walking that fine line between just enough and not too much. No one ever wants to feel like they are being stalked, so don’t do that! But if you don’t follow up enough, you become too easy to forget or ignore. Here’s a good rule of thumb. If you’re following up with cold prospects for your corporate wellness business, reach out to them every few days until you get a response. Once you meet/speak with this person (and find out they are interested but it’s not good timing), then follow up once every few weeks to stay front of mind. If you’re building a relationship with your email mailing list, be sure to reach out to them on a weekly or semi-weekly basis. The most important part is to be consistent!


  1. Think outside the box

People love uniqueness. They love things that are different, that grab their attention. So don’t try to be the same as everyone else. Understand and accept that all of your prospects are also being marketed to by your competitors. It’s so important to stand out, and the way you do this is by thinking outside the box. Don’t be afraid to try a new approach. Be silly. Do something that no one in your industry is doing! THAT’s how to you get people’s attention. Offer something really great. One of the craziest things I’ve ever done to get a corporate account was to write a love letter to the CEO of the company telling him all the reasons why I love his business. Then I followed up by sending a giant cookie from Mrs. Fields with a frosting message on it. Sound crazy? It was! But did it get his attention? You betcha! I got the meeting and closed the deal. Awesome.


  1. Be an expert, not a sales person

And last, but not least, you want to establish yourself as an expert, not a pushy sales person. People want to work with experts in a certain field. They want to feel like they are getting the very best. So it’s all about positioning yourself as the go-to person for valuable information. Some people separate themselves as experts by getting advanced degrees or certifications. You can also separate yourself as an expert by sharing a lot of material – start blogging or write a book. That’s a way to give yourself instant credibility. Another great idea is to start speaking at different associations or events, or do some PR to get written up in magazines or get on TV. But I’ll share a little secret with you. The easiest way to become an expert is to act like one. You can do this with the tone of your voice on the phone, and by the way you interact with your audience. The key is to amass a lot of knowledge about your field so that you have all the answers.


Once you put these ideas into motion, you’ll discover that your prospects will be drawn to work with you. It’s all about attracting the right people to you, so get out there and start impressing them!