Corporate Yoga Increases Productivity

Bringing yoga into the workplace provides a myriad of benefits to any business. Perhaps that’s why corporate yoga is becoming such a popular offering at forward thinking companies that are trying to attract top talent. Yoga provides excellent stress release for busy professionals that work long hours in environments with high expectations. It’s a way for employees to improve their fitness and cardiovascular functioning while also clearing their minds and enhancing their focus. Many studies have been conducted showing the benefits of corporate yoga.


Corporate Yoga Saves MoneyAetna, Inc., one of the largest health insurance companies in the world, partnered with Duke University to conduct a 12-week yoga and mindfulness study to see how these practices could reduce stress, lower healthcare costs and increase productivity*. The results they found were staggering! Aetna discovered that employees with the highest stress cost their business $2,000/year more in healthcare expenses than employees with the lowest stress. They realized that reducing stress levels would have a big impact on their bottom line. The participants of the yoga program had a 33% reduction in stress levels after just 12 weeks! Ultimately, Aetna saved $3,000/year PER employee based on reduced healthcare expenses and increased productivity. They showed an 11-to-1 return on investment for their onsite yoga classes.


I have experienced similar results for my clients while running a successful corporate yoga & wellness company. The participants of our onsite yoga programs report that they get TWICE as much work done after yoga because of their improved concentration and focus. We determined that participants of the yoga program got 4 hours worth of work completed in the 2 hours preceding yoga. After calculating the average salary per hour for one of my largest clients, we showed a 5-to-1 return on investment for productivity alone! This did not even include potential cost savings for healthcare reductions.


So the bottom line is that corporate yoga increases profitability based on healthcare savings and increased productivity. It’s an extremely low cost solution that also has the added benefit of boosting morale and attracting top talent. Simple solutions for savvy business owners.


*Journal of Occupational Health Psychology – Feb 2012 “Mind-Body Stress Reduction in the Workplace”