Living the Dream

Young woman meditating by the lake


When I first told my family that I was quitting my $150k job to start up a corporate yoga business, they thought I was crazy. I did too, to be honest. I had a successful career in the travel industry, managing a big team of sales people around the country. Perks included traveling all over the world and partying with my colleagues after hitting our sales goals. It was a lot of fun for a long time… until it wasn’t. The stress of my hectic schedule, long commute, ongoing business travel, and constant pressure to perform started making me sick with ulcers. I knew I needed a change. There was no way I could fathom starting a family moving 80 miles per hour.


My life changed when I decided to attend a retreat down at Deepak Chopra’s center. When I learned how to connect to my deepest desires and to envision what my dream life looked like, it opened up a part of my heart that I didn’t realize was there. I knew that my destiny was to start up a wellness business to help other busy professionals avoid the problem I was having. It was time for me to step into who I was meant to be.


Making the decision to quit my job was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I had to keep reminding myself that I was taking a step backwards to ultimately take a leap forwards. I was determined to be successful in my own business. My vision was to create a lifestyle where I could work part-time and support my family while taking care of my own kids. Watching that dream become a reality was the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced.


I started my business over 4 years ago, and then I had my first baby 1.5 years ago. I get to spend 3 days a week working on my business, and 4 days a week with my son. It’s a beautiful balance that fills me up with joy. I have an amazing husband, a beautiful home, and abundance that surrounds me. The best part is that I’m doing what I love. I’m sharing my gifts with people who really need them, and making this world a better place.


I’ve learned that you can live the life of your dreams if you’re willing to make the commitment to do so. The first step is determining what you really want. What kind of lifestyle would make you happy? Once that part is clear, the steps to achieving it start to unfold. You have to put in the work with focused determination, but once it all starts coming together, it feels completely magical. I hope this inspires you to connect to your dreams and take a step towards achieving them. You’ll be so grateful you did.